History of Plasma Art

Plasma Art was created from an idea and a passion that I developed over the last twenty four years as a Fitter and Turner/Fabricator.

My grandfather was a big influence to me as he was a Fitter and Turner. He was always for as long as I can remember until the day he passed away, was repairing and creating things from metal. So he also passed this skill onto some of his sons which in turn taught me a lot of my skills.

The past twelve years I have had the opportunity to run my own business as a sub contractor in various field of industry. Which has allowed me to broaden my skill set and opportunity to meet people in each of these fields. From this my workshop evolved as I did, purchasing various pieces of equipment suited to my new skill set.

I always tinkered with things representing metal art. Whilst browsing the world wide web in metal art I came across the CNC Plasma Table. I was very interested in this technology and had an idea which would fulfil my passion for metal, but also allow me to diversify my business. After a lot of research and convincing on my part to my wife, in allowing me to purchase this piece of equipment.

We have had the CNC Plasma Table for now five and a half years now. It has allowed me to have an outlet for my metal art ideas and my artistic side in a medium I am passionate about metal. With this purchase it has allowed me to incorporate two things that are special to me.

the first is working with my family and second is to be able to eventually full time from home.

Our first successful cut was a butterfly piece which was a sample program that the machine came with. Friends and family encouraged us to post these pieces we cut to allow them and also friends to see our progress.

After posting the piece up we were not expecting the reaction we received. Within an hour of posting the butterfly piece we sold it ( much to my wife`s disgust ). This also posed a dilemma how to price our pieces. Very quickly I researched some pricing ideas and suggestions, to which we are constantly fine tuning as we go.

From this posting we had a need to create a Facebook page dedicated to the Plasma. Our Plasma Art page was the launched. Currently to date we now have 4901 likes which in itself is a very rewarding achievement for us.

We were given a suggestion from a few people that we needed to get our name and product out to the people. We embarked on the market scene which was a very big learning curve to us. As we now had to sell ourselves and product which was very confronting for me and my wife Jodie. I was used to doing a job and allowing my skills and hands to show what I could do, but now I had to explain and give advice and also answer questions. Over time we became a lot more confident in selling our product to which sales increased. So the market scene has been a very important part of the Plasma Arts team growth.

The vision for Plasma Art has become clear to us since purchasing the machine.

Plasma Art is bringing wall/garden art/custom signage within reach. Allowing anyone to build or enhance that special retreat, to be enjoyed by family and friends.

We combine locally sourced materials and services. To produce the special piece that our clients have imagined.

The growth we have experienced in the last year and a half has been very overwhelming but very rewarding.

The Plasma Art team consists of myself David Wynes and my wife Jodie Wynes, which we can be contacted on email.

As of a year ago the Plasma Art Team has now diversified and bought a CNC Laser cutter allowing uss to cut other media types like wood and Acrylic.