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Legacy's bench seats immortalise the brave

We have had lots of complimentary and positive comments about the bench seats located at the Cenotaph and outside Legacy House. Politicians and Council members who have seen them are impressed with the manufacture and design of the seats.

Sonya and Terry Byrne are involved with Launceston Legacy, and as an ex-military couple, they passionately promote Legacy's support of the veteran and local community.

Along with other volunteer roles, Sonya and Terry raise awareness of their local Legacy branch and had considered buying more comfortable bench seats for commemorative spaces.

A park bench facing the Cenotaph would be a fitting way for the community to be able to sit and reflect on Australia's military service, while the existing bench at Legacy House sat low to the ground.

The couple had seen a Facebook post with one of our memorial bench seats at an RSL in Queensland.

"I looked at the Plasma Art website and was impressed with the variety of military commemorative products available. I then contacted local metalwork companies and found that they were unable to compete with Plasma Arts, both in price and design."

The new benches would be located on Council property and the Byrne's were aware that they needed to meet safety and size specifications.

Following a conversation with Plasma Art about design ideas, Sonya and Terry commissioned two military memorial bench seats.

Plasma Art produced prototypes to confirm that they were correct, along with plans, dimensions and a Certificate of Compliance with Australian Standards to meet council criteria.

One bench now proudly faces the main monument of the local Cenotaph, the second has an engraved emblem and imagery commemorating Legacy widows and children, sitting outside Launceston legacy House.

Two replica Legacy emblems were also commissioned for the Legacy building, and the Byrne's have bought themselves a personalised table and two single seats, with inscriptions of their own Army badges and numbers from military service.

We are so happy with the professional quality of the inscriptions and captions on the metalwork, the silhouette of the words, letters and symbols engraved on the seat onto the cement base below.

Plasma Art can also reproduce images of service men and women within sculptures, signs, lecterns, and park benches for commemorative areas of your town, city or home.

We can include important details like names, dates, places, clubs & organisations - there's no limit to the ways we can bring your ideas to life.

Give us a call and let's chat about your options. We can help with a quote, design, and delivery.



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