Kapunda Light Horse

Kapunda Light Horseman Project

Plasma Art was invited to propose a concept design for a local Kapunda community group called Kapunda and Light Tourism Incorporated. The information provided by a couple of committee members at our very first meeting at Plasma Art`s workshop, was very helpful and gave us a some very important and clear points to be covered in the design.

We offer this service for some very important reasons and examples of these are we are representing the client to interrupt their ideas and imagination of how they would like the finish product to be. This is also a great opportunity to show and explain how we can take their idea and take it to the next level. Which we find helps build the clients confidence and trust in our skills to carry out their project.

The Light Horseman were originally found on a page we follow on Facebook, so we contacted the page and through email we were given permission to use his illustration and replicate it it metal. Ian Coate a very talented Artist and Illustrator from Perth Western Australia was very happy that one of his illustrations could be represented in such a way. This fitted in nicely with the brief given to us by our clients as Sir Sydney Kidman donated several hundred horse to the Australian Light Horse Battalion.

So as a service that Plasma Art Offers to our client is that we like to explain the options that we can produce for them. Some examples of this we invited the clients to our workshop and went through how we go about this process, as its not all plug and play. Demonstrations of the equipment working and give a sample of the machine quality to take back to the other committee members who could not attend. We also took them down to a site of a previous project to help them understand what we can do, which is a benefit as visual examples allow the client to see what they can have in their project. Example we took them to was the Two Wells War memorial.

So once we were able to show what our skill set we moved onto material selection. This is a very important step as it will determine how we design the piece for fixings etc. So we had a few examples of material and what they look and feel like because once again a visual example immediately lets the client see how their piece will look. So once we had the material and finish finalized as we went for 6 mm thick mild steel rust prevention coat and finished in a textured sable black power coat colour it allowed us to move onto fixings and background colours.

Plasma Art recently purchased a CNC Laser Cutter and one of the reasons why we did this was to allow us to offer smaller sample pieces for our clients to see what they were able to achieve in the final project. This is allows us to produce at Council meetings to represent what the project will look like. Which we have found is a real benefit to getting the project approved a lot quicker. This was a great advantage for us to demonstrate the effect of natural light giving some pretty spectacular effects, which front lighting at night can also provide given the project an added dimension to the all ready 3d looking piece.

Once we had the green light to proceed with the project we cut full size samples of the three horseman in 3 mm mild steel for several reasons for the client. One was to show the size of the finished project to all the Committee and Council Members which again as we always say a visual representation answers so many questions.

Another service Plasma Art offers is on site consultation with relevant trades to assist in questions and also problem solving issues as they arise, Which allows us to achieve our clients goals and expectations. So we can be a one stop shop for our client and free up a lot of their time, Especially on a public projects this one was as the restrictions and site rules have to be adhered too.

The story we have represented in this piece is of a man by the name of Sir Sydney Kidman who donated several hundreds of horses from his cattle station to the Light Horse Brigade. Also covered were the local Company`s and Industries of Kapunda. Which have been placed either side of the Light Horseman center piece, with a cut out of one of their most prominent products made by each company.