Wool Bay

Wool Bay Progress Society.

We received a phone call from Ken Schmidt as he had an idea for a local park memorial he maintains as a volunteer, Ken is part of a group called the Wool Bay Progress Society. Ken works as a Boiler maker in a local quarry. They were blasting one day and a piece of rock came out resembling the shape of Australia to which this project would be attached to. So after speaking to Ken for some time on the phone, he made the trip down to our workshop with a cardboard template in hand. This is a great head start for us as we can then design the piece knowing exactly what we are up against.

As in the below photos you can see the progress of Kens project. Pay special attention to the close up of the rock as it has a lot of small Fossils embedded all through the piece. Adding another dimension to an all ready great piece of rock.

This piece has been up for a couple of years now and we were very happy to receive an sms ANZAC Day 2019 from Ken. To his surprise as he was heading down to raise the flag as he does each ANZAC Day he was greeted by 25 people all ready waiting for dawn to pay their respects. A very touching moment not only for Ken but for the Plasma Art team as these types of projects have sentimental value to us, as we have history in our both my wife's and my family's in respect to the War.

Resembling The shape of Australia full of Fossils

A close up of some of the Fossils in the rock

Ken and I after a great mornings work

ANZAC Day 2019

ANZAC Day 2019 just on Dawn