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public bin designs

A great way to beautify public spaces and reflect the character of a township. Individuals, groups and clubs can be included into the design with logos, designs and personalised images.


Made to withstand all weather, the public bin covers literally turns a pile of rubbish into a work of art!


Let us know the purpose of your covering and we would be happy to help with the design.


The Answers You Need

We can certainly help with the design, just provide us with measurements, any logos if required and a design idea. 

Do we have to send you the finished product of a public bin design or can we give you an idea of what we are looking for and you help us to design it?

We provide the metal surround of the bin. Lids are an additional feature and can be attached as required, please specify this in your quote request.

What do the public bin designs include? ie. the metal surround & lid?

Our products don’t generally incorporate graffiti protection, but we can provide this at an additional cost if required. 

Is there any graffiti protection for bins?