Cutting Services

Make that special place standout in your community

To create your work, Plasma-Art provides a wide range of services from Plasma and laser profile cutting to welded fabricated items.

Plasma is great for more robust projects using material such as Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium. Examples of these can be also viewed in our Plasma or Projects sections

Laser cutting and engraving is used for cutting for your finer detail projects using materials such as Plywood, Acrylic, MDF, and Glass. The detail achieved with these materials can be viewed in the below sections

As we do with the Plasma Cutter we specialise in custom work and offer the same attention to detail as we have done with the Plasma Cutting.

Select from our range of cake toppers or contact us for a personalised Cake Topper to suit your occasion.

A few examples of the Laser cut signage we are now able to offer our clients. Custom Signage is our specialty.

With Our Engraving service we can now offer our clients, has opened up another dimension all together for our Plasma Art Team.

For those larger and more more robust artworks and gardens features; heavier materials can be created using our plasma cutting services.