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Yes, we deliver Australia-wide.

Can you deliver interstate?

Yes, we ask for a deposit on all work or payment up-front, depending on the size of the job.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we encourage the customer to make it their own. We work with their ideas to make it a suitable piece.

Can we create our own metal art design?

We can be available for installations; this is usually dependent on the piece and location.

Do you do installations?

Depending on the piece and finish required, we like to have it ready within 1-2 weeks. Bigger pieces like bench seats are usually around 3 - 4 weeks.

How long do the products take to make and deliver?

We are limited to the size of sheet we can cut which maximum is 3m x 1.5m and the powder coating requirements for size. This can be worked out with the customer at the time of design.

Is there a size limit for the signs or fences?

Corten will seal over and the rust with stop leaching to a degree over time. Mild steel will always leach rust when wet, so we recommend mounting the piece off the wall, over garden bed areas or undercover.

Will the natural rusted design mark my wall?

Yes, we can provide holes to screw through. Depending on the size, if a piece is made of aluminium, you can also use double-sided tape to attach it to a wall.

Can I hang metal wall art with no hooks? 

If it is powder coated and you wish to clean them occasionally, we recommend the gentle removal of loose surface deposits with a wet sponge. Then clean the surface with a soft (non-abrasive) brush using a diluted solution of a mild detergent in warm water.

What maintenance is required to preserve the artwork?

Yes, powder coating has a range of standard colour bond colours. Custom colours are limited but can be ordered in at an additional cost.

Can we select colours and finishes?

This depends on the style and size of the art work, and where it will be installed.

If you have the tools and skills to do it yourself, we are happy to provide general installation advice. Otherwise, it is a good idea to use professionals to install the pieces to ensure they are safely secured for peace of mind. 

Do I need professional help to install the artwork?

frequently asked questions

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