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A fitting plaque for 46 years of military service, and the man who loved every minute of it

A couple recently contacted us who were looking for something for their back yard. They wanted a metal plaque to replace a damaged garden ornament, and were looking for a military themed piece to reflect decades of service.

Together, we came up with something special.

A Great Couple

Chris and Elizabeth have lived in the South Australian township of Sanderston on a 200-acre property for a year and a half with their son and grandson. The couple met three and a half years ago and decided that this picturesque tree-change would make a perfect place to retire.

They have made a tranquil, self-sustaining lifestyle with a few head of sheep, goats, chooks and geese, who graze on the banks of Saunders Gorge, which flows along their property.

When asked what made the place special to them, the reply was easy:

The setting, solitude, scenery...a tranquil setting away from the hustle and bustle of city life. There's no need even to go on holiday with this beautiful scenery - it's like a holiday at home.

Where Would We Find A 'Metal Cutter'?

The couple had installed an outdoor sculpture on the edge of their yard's retaining wall, but it was damaged when a kangaroo plunged through it.

Chris thought that a replacement piece for the framework might be a military metal cut out piece to reflect his 46 years of service in the Defence force.

A Regimental Sergeant Major for 16 years, Chis had done a tour of Afghanistan and been awarded the Army Commendation Medal plus the Order of Australia for his achievements and service.

They both agreed that something with a rusty look would fit in perfectly against the natural setting. Elizabeth did a Google search, hoping to find a local business to make the metal plaque.

Quick As A Wink

The couple discovered that Plasma Art was not only located close to where they had previously lived, but our website photos with military themed metal art pieces were exactly what they had been looking for.

Elizabeth contacted us that morning, described the piece she had in mind and by that afternoon, we sent her a draft image. She asked if we could add Chris' name, and I suggested adding his regimental number and altogether, we completed the design.

The first image he sent through... just got everything we wanted in a nutshell. Absolutely fantastic. Even down to bringing the galvanised steel sheet backing to enhance the design.

Chris decided that he would like this to be his final resting place, a sacred place to scatter his ashes, as he had been diagnosed with incurable acute myeloid leukaemia five months earlier.

I get the opportunity to look at it every day. I sit over there in the corner with Elizabeth and reflect on the good times.

Just What We Wanted

The plaque has become a special part of the property, something tangible to reflect Chris' incredible career and to celebrate his life. It has become an everlasting tribute to his commitment and service to our country as well as a fitting piece for Chris and Elizabeth to enjoy together every day.

"From start to finish, the whole process took a week, including installation. Dave's suggestion of putting spotlights on it at night was fantastic. At night it shines up a treat. We also took on his idea of planting the Gallipoli rosemary around it too."

A Truly Personalised Design

It was a real honour to make this piece and personalise it for such a lovely couple. I feel like I've known them for years. They have designed a great tribute to Chris and something that will always remind them of the good times.

These are the kinds of jobs that make having my own business so rewarding. If you'd like to know more about plaques and garden installations, give me a call. I look forward to working with you.

It would have to be the best customer service ever - from beginning to end. Absolutely amazing. Perfect.



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