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Our outdoor deck now feels like 'home'

We thought we knew what we wanted when we contacted Plasma Art to create a guitar wall-hanging. The finished item turned out to be so much better than we imagined because of the suggestions Dave brought to the project.

When Ashley brought her ideas to Dave for a custom-made outdoor wall hanging, it was important that it reflected her family's love of music.

The result was a tree-lined sunset reflection at the water's edge, encompassed by the shape of a funky old rustic guitar.

Ashley had been searching for ways to bring her outdoor decking area to life with no success. She knew she wanted something that would really reflect her family's lifestyle by the beach and their passion for music.

Assuming that metal art was just mass-produced, Ashley hadn't considered it as a decorative solution until she bought a piece from Dave at a Semaphore Street Festival market stall.

Realising that a personalised commission was actually within budget, Ashley and her family had a chat with Plasma Art about their ideas for the metal art guitar wall hanging.

The whole process was a pleasure, straightforward, and Dave's creative input helped to bring their vision to life.

We loved the friendly and helpful nature of the Plasma Art team, they created something truly unique for us and we have since bought another piece for our decking area, and we have had them both back-lit. They finish off this space for us and really help to make it feel like home.

Creating one-of-a-kind ornaments and artwork based on ideas from our customers is just as rewarding for us as it is for you.

If you have an outdoor space that needs a finishing touch, give us a call or drop us an email, we look forward to turning your ideas into works of metal art.



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